January 22, 2024

Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Skills Contest Spurs


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Saudi Arabia’s Culture and Education Ministries jointly announced the commencement of the second edition of the “Cultural Skills” competition for public schools in the Kingdom, marking a significant step in fostering cultural and artistic prowess among students. Launched in alignment with Vision 2030, the Cultural Skills competition aspires to bolster students’ cultural and artistic capabilities, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

Embracing 10 diverse categories, such as drawing, Arabic calligraphy, films, and photography, the competition spans a broad spectrum of artistic expression. Additionally, the stakes are elevated, boasting an enticing total prize pool of SR9 million ($2.4 million).

Within each category and grade, participants can anticipate fierce competition and the opportunity to secure substantial rewards. Notably, the first-place winner in each category claims SR100,000, the second-place contestant secures SR75,000, and the third-place participant is awarded SR50,000. These generous prizes function not only to acknowledge outstanding talent but also serve as powerful motivators for participants to strive for excellence in cultural and artistic pursuits.

Moreover, the competition’s central objective is to instill in students a profound appreciation for preserving the Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage. By actively engaging in artistic pursuits, participants become contributors to the preservation and promotion of Saudi Arabia’s diverse cultural tapestry.

The judging panel, consisting of 100 experts, imparts a layer of credibility and expertise to the evaluation process. Their discerning eyes will meticulously scrutinize each entry, ensuring that the most deserving talents are duly rewarded. As the competition unfolds, it is poised to become a dynamic platform where creativity, skill, and cultural preservation converge, nurturing a new generation passionately committed to safeguarding Saudi Arabia’s heritage.

Source: Arab News

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