December 25, 2023

Saudi Coffee Research Grant: 20 Titles Approved by Ministry

Saudi Coffee Research Grant

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The Saudi Ministry of Culture has effectively wrapped up evaluating submissions for the Saudi Coffee Research Grant. This step was crucial in the grant’s progression, a joint effort with the Saudi Coffee Company, a Public Investment Fund subsidiary.

Launched as part of ‘2022, The Year of Saudi Coffee’, this project aimed to boost research on Saudi coffee. Recognized as an intangible cultural heritage, the project’s goal was to develop the coffee sector as a national emblem. It encouraged experts from various fields to delve into different aspects of coffee.

The ministry selected 20 research titles, both from within the Kingdom and globally. Each chosen proposal is set to receive comprehensive support from the Saudi Coffee Research Grant. This includes financial and academic assistance, extending through to the publication stage of their work.

Exploring Arabian Peninsula coffee, its history, and its evolution in the Kingdom; studying the cultural heritage surrounding Saudi coffee, including traditions and crafts; and enhancing local content to boost the competitiveness of Saudi coffee. This was part of a broader effort to transition Saudi Arabia’s economy into a sustainable model.

Supported by the Quality of Life Program under Saudi Vision 2030 and with the Culinary Arts Commission, the initiative had bold goals. It sought to closely examine the Saudi coffee market. The aim was to maintain national cultural heritage and values. It also focused on highlighting the cultural importance of Saudi coffee. Additionally, it sought to reinforce national identity and promote the global reach of Saudi coffee culture.

Source: Asharq Al-Awsat

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