November 12, 2023

Saudi Culture Minister at UNESCO Condemns Gaza Attacks

Saudi Culture Minister at UNESCO Conference Attacks on Gaza Civilians.

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During his address at UNESCO in Paris, the Saudi Culture Minister firmly condemned the ongoing attacks on civilians and infrastructure in Gaza, echoing a sentiment reported by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). This statement at the UNESCO conference marks a significant moment for Saudi Arabia’s stance on international humanitarian issues.

Prince Badr bin Farhan, serving as the Saudi Culture Minister at UNESCO, voiced a robust denunciation of the persistent attacks targeting civilians, educational and medical facilities, as well as cultural heritage sites within the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories. He characterized these aggressive acts as unjustifiable transgressions against established international norms and legislations.

Expanding on his message, the minister stressed that the Kingdom’s objection is deeply aligned with the fundamental tenets of UNESCO. These principles are centered around fostering global understanding, an indispensable factor in the prevention of crimes, genocides, racial discrimination, and warfare. He emphasized that adherence to these principles is key in maintaining international peace and ethics.

Additionally, the Saudi Culture Minister at UNESCO highlighted the pressing necessity for increased international collaboration. He called for concerted efforts aimed at protecting the rights and well-being of civilians. These efforts, he articulated, are essential for enhancing global peace and stability. By underscoring these points, the minister not only reflected Saudi Arabia’s commitment to UNESCO’s mission but also to the broader objective of nurturing a more peaceful, understanding, and stable world. His statements at UNESCO resonate with a call for global action and solidarity, reinforcing the urgent need to address and resolve humanitarian crises for the betterment of the international community.

Source: Saudi Press Agency (SPA)

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