March 20, 2023

Saudi Ministry of Culture launches three new “typographic letters”

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The Saudi Ministry of Culture announced on Monday the launch of the “Typographic Letters Initiative” by creating three unique Saudi fonts, each of which is distinguished by its way of celebrating Saudi culture, and it will be available to all individuals and entities free of charge, to benefit from them in their design and artistic work, through the ministry’s printing fonts platform.

The “Masmak letter”, as the first of these lines attributed to the historic Masmak Palace, came to be the cornerstone of the Saudi professional’s letters that followed. This letter is characterized by being “solid, stable, clear-cut, and easy to read, and its first drawings are drawn up without reference to traditional calligraphy methods.”

The second is the “Naseeb letter”, which embraces the simple character of handwritten notes, and its letters show the movement of the hand in writing, and is suitable for use in titles, sent texts, literary events, poetry, and children’s stories.

The third line is the “stake letter”, which is taken from the “tent stake” because its corners are curved in the shape of its letters, and it reminds of the shape of the stake of the corners of tents, and this letter is characterized by dynamic movement, so it fits with the texts of festivals and sporting events.

The Ministry of Culture’s launch of this initiative comes as a celebration of the Arabic language and its uses, enhancing its status, and supporting specialists and those interested in it, by giving a unique touch that distinguishes the Saudi identity in the field of Arabic calligraphy, and celebrates the Saudi heritage and cultural symbols.

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