February 13, 2024

“Shelf of Today”.. Can a person love when they become just a machine?

Shelf of Today

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At this crucial and pivotal moment in history, there is increasing talk about the digital, technological, and electronic revolution that is almost dominating the life of this era’s human, and lately, the topic of artificial intelligence has become the subject of study for many academics and specialists. Hundreds of scientific books are being published discussing what this revolution could impose in terms of tyranny over the roles and activities humans engage in, and that this staggering scientific progress might indeed lead to the extinction of certain professions.

Why this somewhat lengthy introduction? Simply because we are discussing the novel “Shelf of Today – What the Master Couldn’t Obtain,” which addressed this serious matter and posed its questions, but from a very aesthetic and artistic perspective, keeping pace with the narrative movement witnessed in the Arab world, introducing other literary styles, and new and different literary voices, expressing not only the problems and concerns of their homelands but of humanity in general.

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