November 2, 2023

South Korea culture on SIBF “Sharjah International Book Fair”

south Korea culture on SIBF

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Visitors to the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) will have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in South Korea’s rich, ancient culture and sample traditional Hanbok during the 42nd edition, themed “We Speak Books” and celebrate the Republic of Korea.

As guest of honor, Emirates News Agency reported that this event will take place from November 1st to 12th at Expo Center Sharjah.

This year, South Koreans wore the traditional Emirati abaya and kandura to celebrate Sharjah as a guest of honor at the Seoul International Book Fair, WAM said on Friday.

Under the theme “Unlimited Imagination,” the South Korea Pavilion at SIBF 2023 promises a diverse and culturally rich experience that allows visitors to explore various facets of South Korea’s rich, ancient culture history and civilization.

Above the pavilion, which is in the form of a circular structure that stretches into infinity and symbolizes the limitless imagination of books, the guest of honor’s program includes performing arts and 20 exciting workshops and sessions led by 25 leading cultural and Korean literature leaders – and artists. scene, said WAM.

The guest of honor will also showcase more than 200 inspiring works of art in a series of exhibitions that will offer insights into Korean literature, graphic novels, and imaginative depictions of traditional Korean stories, he added.

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