December 13, 2023

Taif Literary Club: Over 70 New Releases at Jeddah Book Fair

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The Taif Literary and Cultural Club is actively participating in this year’s Jeddah International Book Fair, presenting a diverse collection of over 70 new releases to visitors.

Atallah bin Musfir Al-Jaaid, the club’s president, emphasized the club’s commitment to showcasing a varied selection of literary and cultural works at the international book fair. The exhibited releases encompass writings from authors within and outside the Kingdom, including critics, poets, storytellers, academics, intellectuals, and playwrights. Among these offerings are the latest collection of poems by the late eminent poet Ali Al-Damini, two poetry collections by Bahraini poet Qassim Haddad, the complete theatrical works of Saudi theater icon Dr. Malha Al Abdullah, the complete critical works of the late critic Dr. Aali Al-Qurashi, and the complete works of three playwrights: Mohammed Al-Othaim, Abdulrahman Al-Marikhi, and Fahd Reda Al-Harthy. Additionally, the club presents a diverse range of creative poetic and narrative works by prominent authors and literary figures.

Al-Jaaid explained that the club collaborated with various publishing houses, both within and outside the Kingdom. The publications are displayed in eight pavilions at the fair, including five Saudi publishers: Yeshtaroon Publishing, Kunooz Al-Maaref Library, Tashkeel Publishing and Distribution, Athar Publishing and Distribution, and Milad Publishing and Distribution. The collaboration extends beyond borders with publishers such as Sofiya from Kuwait, Arab Dissemination Foundation, and Al-Manahil from Lebanon.

Al-Jaaid invited visitors to explore these pavilions to discover the literary treasures presented by the club at the book fair. Expressed the club’s collaboration with over a dozen publishers, ensuring a rich tapestry of literary expressions at the fair. He encourages visitors to delve into these literary realms within the pavilions, offering a unique opportunity to acquire publications that span the diverse landscape of Saudi and international literary creativity

Source: Okaz

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