November 12, 2023

Taif Saudi Arabia is Enters UNESCO Creative Cities Network

Taif Saudi Arabia Enters UNESCO Literature Network

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In the prestigious UNESCO Creative Cities Network, Taif Saudi Arabia has been recognized under the literature category. This honor distinguishes Taif as the first city in Saudi Arabia to earn acclaim for its literary contributions.

To secure this achievement, the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission, in close partnership with the Taif Municipality, meticulously prepared the application. They gathered critical data, statistics, and information to meet UNESCO’s strict criteria and the seven essential standards for network membership.

These standards, crucial for Taif’s bid, cover various aspects. They include assessing the volume and quality of local publications, reflecting Taif Saudi Arabia’s rich history in literature, drama, and poetry. The criteria also evaluate the range and excellence of educational programs dedicated to local literary studies. Another key aspect is Taif’s engagement in hosting and organizing literary festivals and events. The presence of public libraries and bookstores in Taif, alongside accessible cultural centers, is also crucial. Further, the criteria consider the city’s use of both traditional and new media for literature marketing, thus strengthening its local literary scene. Finally, Taif’s collaborative efforts with publishers to translate literary works into multiple languages are essential for its global recognition.

This inclusion in the UNESCO network not only celebrates Taif’s literary heritage but also highlights its ongoing commitment to nurturing and promoting literature, both locally and internationally.

Source: Asharq Al-Awsat

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