February 6, 2024

The 20th Session of Jeddah’s ‘Text Reading’ Forum

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The Jeddah Literary and Cultural Club announces the 20th session of the “Text Reading” forum, starting on February 6, 2024. Collaborating with the University of Business and Technology, this edition delves into “Literary and Critical Discourse at Jeddah Literary Club: Readings and Reviews of the Stage’s Achievements.”

This event signifies a notable collaboration between the literary club and educational institutions. Dr. Abdullah Al-Mu’tani, a prominent literary figure, will receive honors, elevating the occasion’s prestige.

Transitioning to Dr. Abdullah Al-Sulami’s perspective, the Chairman underscores the forum’s pivotal role in shaping literary and critical movements. He emphasizes its substantial influence in driving forward the literary discourse, highlighting its relevance in the contemporary literary scene.

Furthermore, Al-Sulami highlights the meticulous selection process for the forum’s title, reflecting a thoughtful consideration of the current literary and critical landscape. This choice fosters meaningful discussions and reflections within the literary community.

Regarding the honoree, Dr. Al-Sulami sheds light on selecting Dr. Abdullah bin Salem Al-Mu’tani, rooted in acknowledging his significant contributions to the cultural sphere.

This announcement extends beyond Jeddah, resonating with cultural enthusiasts and scholars region-wide. It showcases Saudi Arabia’s vibrant literary scene, emphasizing its commitment to intellectual exchange and literary celebration.

As the event approaches, anticipation grows, promising enriching discussions, insightful analyses, and heartfelt tributes to literary luminaries. The “Text Reading” forum serves as a beacon of intellectual engagement, nurturing a community dedicated to advancing literary and critical discourse.

Source: Al-Riyadh

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