September 23, 2023

The Book: Our Ever-Replenishing Vessel on Our Journeys Through Times and Places

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Arabic Literature: A Storied History of Creativity and Artistry

Why do we always celebrate books and keep them at the forefront of our interests? To what extent do books shape our world, construct its intricacies and furnish its aesthetics? Aren’t books one of the most prominent features of human civilization? To what degree do books contribute to the building of generations cognizant of their historical responsibilities? Don’t books enhance our self-confidence and shield us from sliding into desolation?

Numerous questions about the world of reading and writing reemerge with every discussion about the role and significance of books in our history, lives and future. Books preserve human knowledge and wisdom from the dawn of time to the present day. They remain a foundational pillar of societies, as well as a cornerstone for the advancement and prosperity of nations.

Books enhance communication between generations and cultures. They transfer human experiences from one place to another, and from one era to another. The reader becomes a partner in the adventures of the characters and the journeys of the writers in their literary, imaginative voyages. When we read, we discover new aspects of ourselves and others. Books are portals to our inner beings; they help deepen our understanding of ourselves and bring us closer to others. A book is a window into the minds of others and what churns within their souls; hence, the reader’s journey is a journey towards oneself and the world at large. It is said that those who consult others share in their wisdom. Imagine, then, the case of someone who reads the essence of their thoughts, experiences and journeys, and delves deeply into their worlds!

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