April 7, 2024

The Literary Partner Initiative

The Literary Partner Initiative

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In celebration of its 3rd anniversary, what is the Literary Partner Initiative?

After 3 years since the inception of the Literary Partner Initiative, we present the key information about it, its role, objectives, and the judging criteria involved.

The Literary Partner Initiative is a cultural partnership initiative between literary and cultural cafés and the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Launched in its first edition in March 2021, the Literary Partner Initiative aims to establish literary partnerships with cafés that promote literary works in an innovative and community-accessible manner, thereby contributing directly to raising cultural awareness. The initiative targets café visitors by offering literary and cultural activities and contributions that enrich their café experience, making it a different cultural experience, and enabling them to interact with the cultural sector.

The objectives of the Literary Partner Initiative

The Literary Partner Initiative focuses on several objectives, including making culture a way of life, enhancing the value of literature in individuals’ lives to integrate culture into their daily practices, supporting the local and global dissemination of Saudi books, strengthening the role of private sector institutions, and promoting the cultural sector. It also aims to inspire individuals to engage in literary and cultural production.

The support provided by the Literary Partner Initiative

The Literary Partner Initiative supports literary and cultural cafes in achieving their objectives by facilitating licensing services, enabling communication with local and international writers, marketing cultural activities, providing consultations on organizing literary and cultural events, and offering financial prizes totaling over 1,000,000 Saudi riyals. The prizes are divided into categories determined based on the events held by the cafe.


The criteria for selecting cafes in the Literary Partner Initiative

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