June 19, 2023

The Literature Commission organizes a virtual workshop on the “Digital Publishing Program”

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The Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission recently organized a virtual workshop that shed light on the “Digital Publishing Program” launched last year, with the aim of highlighting the program’s role in enriching Arabic content and promoting diversity in publishing vessels.

The “Digital Publishing Program” was designed with the aim of supporting and encouraging the spread of the digital book, and enriching Arabic content on various digital platforms, through sound legal formulas that protect the intellectual property of publishers and authors, and at the same time provide the Arab reader with the advantages of modern reading, while making books available to him on various international platforms.

The “Digital Publishing Program” includes several tracks that enable all age groups to access cultural and knowledge resources, the first track “Digitization of Books” and the second “Digitization of Children’s Books” for Saudi publishing houses and individual publishers, covering the costs of converting books into digital formats that are compatible with e-reading devices and global platforms for books, while the “Audio Books” track works to convert books into Audible acoustic.

The workshop included the participation of the Libraries Authority to unveil the “Digital Library” initiative, which is a wide range of knowledge contents, seeking to activate digital services – provided by libraries in the Kingdom – through a unified electronic platform with technical services, integrated with internal and external systems in terms of content and services.

The digital library hosts a variety of content, from e-books, audiobooks, and many other media, in addition to digital services (public, self-libraries and digital) useful to the general public, researchers and academics through reservation and loan, printing and scanning, library directory, and delivery.

It is noteworthy that this virtual workshop on the “Digital Publishing Program” comes as part of the initiatives of the “Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority” aimed at upgrading and developing the sector.

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