June 3, 2024

“The Museum of Souls” .. A Behind the Scenes Game

The Museum of Souls

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Published by Nova Plus for Publishing and Distribution, the novel “The Museum of Souls” by the Kuwaiti author Abdulwahab Al-Rifai , spans 181 narrative pages. Al-Rifai , one of the pioneering Gulf writers in exploring the realm of the supernatural and horror literature.

In a suspenseful narrative, the fast-paced events revolve around a Kuwaiti girl named “Sagheera,” who returns from America after completing her studies in telecommunications engineering. She moves in with her older brother after the family home is sold and the inheritance is divided. Due to disagreements between her and her niece, and with neither of her siblings willing to host her,

In addition to the customs and traditions preventing her from living alone, Sagheera’s older brother is compelled to inform her that their grandfather on their father’s side is still alive and she can go to live with him in the Al-Faiha area, Despite her fears stemming from what she heard in the past about the grandfather’s mastery of the arts of sorcery, especially necromancy sorcery, which is a type of sorcery involving the invocation of the spirits of the dead or the use of the deceased in magic and witchcraft, such as resurrecting them or controlling their bodies. In it, spirits are summoned in sorcery to inquire about unseen matters, knowledge, wisdom, or spiritual power, or secrets known only to the summoned dead, This type resembles black magic and is also known as necromancy, Sagheera goes, only to find the house as nothing but a cemetery filled with dust, inhabited by insects and rats, and the grandfather is nothing but a lifeless body due to his old age illnesses, accompanied by a sixty-year-old male nurse, and an Indian maid.

Interwoven Techniques

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