April 19, 2024

The Pistachio Theory: Alternative Ways to Live a Successful Life

The Pistachio Theory

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Although the concept of practical philosophy was born with the French philosopher René Descartes, who is known as the “Father of Modern Philosophy,” in recent years, specifically, this philosophy has spread in various ways around the world. It has been presented through innovative styles and methods that have simplified philosophy, making it accessible and easily understandable even to the layperson without specialized knowledge.

”The Pistachio Theory” by Saudi author and thinker Fahd Amer Al-Ahmadi , published by Dar al-Hadara for Publishing and Distribution, is one of the most significant Arabic books released recently that pertains to this subject we are discussing. It deals with the crises facing humans in this era, exploring with the reader the best ways to live a successful life.

A different concept of practical philosophy

If we look at ”The Pistachio Theory” we find that it is one of the best-selling books in bookstores across the Arab world in recent years. This is a testament to the book’s broad appeal across various social layers and types of people. After reading the book, we understand the reasons behind its widespread popularity.

The reason is simply that the author, through the dozens of articles included in the book, has endeavored in an intellectual and practical manner to identify and track the most significant problems facing people in this era. Subsequently, he proposes methods to address these issues and crises that threaten both individuals and society.

Therefore, what Fahd Amer Al-Ahmadi has presented in ”The Pistachio Theory” can be considered a redefinition of practical philosophy, which aids individuals in a tangible and realistic manner. It redefines the old concept of practical philosophy as a philosophy aimed at analyzing and studying practical issues and real-life problems that individuals face in their daily lives. This philosophy revolves around how to apply philosophical principles in both individual and societal life.

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