March 14, 2024

“Tiny Heists”: Unveiling the Genius of Selection and Revelation

Tiny Heists

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In his short story collection “Tiny Heists,” published by Dar Al-Shorouk, Taleb Al-Refai delves into Gulf society, wielding multiple narrative threads and social issues, blending the roles of writer and critic, and smoothly transitioning between reality and fantasy, relying on dense narration, conciseness, and objectivity to achieve his purpose.

The narrative core of “Tiny Heists” consists of 16 stories: (Smiles, Frame, Up, Little Salem, Wall, Suffocating Room, Royal Suite, Tiny Heists, Balloons, Fly, Ring, Lemon Perfume, The General Manager, Casting Words, Curtains, The Dog).

The collection begins with the story (Smiles), imbued with diverse interpretations of a single smile, ranging from innocence to mockery and satire, from the stark human contradiction between words and actions, between truth and pretense, in a scathing critique of such individuals:

“Many despise officials, perhaps wishing for their demise, yet they calculate a thousand calculations to win a smile from them” – Framed Relationships.

In the story (Frame), there’s a sophisticated interplay between reality and symbolism. The painting, expressing the condition of a man and woman in a moment of lost love, projects onto the situation of Susan and Fahad, ruining the happy moments disturbed by trivial matters, with Susan leaving the full cup, symbolized by the precious painting, to focus on the shop owner’s lighting, viewing intimate moments as the painting describes: “nothing but a woman, a man, and a moment of nudity.

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