March 18, 2024

Uncharted Symbiosis

Uncharted symbiosis

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Madrid event explores how physical stores can benefit from stronger digital app experiences and how those user-bases on digital platforms can drive footfall into physical stores and sales in print.

Since Readmagine’s inaugural year in 2006, Madrid’s Casa del Lector has hosted the annual week of digital innovation in reading, books and libraries. With invitees from across Europe, LATAM, MENA, Asia and the US, the gathering pulls in publishers, distributors and retailers to participate in conversations, workshops and keynotes for the exchange of ideas around the process of transformation reading and books. As part of this year’s iteration, Beat Technology was invited to run a sandbox workshop on the benefits and symbioses of print/digital and physical/digital retail.

Beat operates its market-leading retail solutions and D2C publisher apps and across 10 European markets and this experience provides insight on consumer behaviours, reading habits and purchase tendencies. Although historically not the norm in western Europe, in other parts of the continent its common that the publisher may also be a bookstore chain. It’s always seemed to me that the potential convergence of print and digital consumption and retail has some severely underserved potential. But now that Beat is providing more and more major retailers with high-end solutions and improving the D2C offerings of book publishers, the maturity is there to explore product concepts and marketing ideas for how physical stores can benefit from stronger digital app experiences and how those app user-bases can drive footfall into physical stores.

The sandbox itself was a speed session involving 40 guests from different countries representing varying areas of publishing. It was simply split into two groups tasked with getting creative on two simple statements:

  • Print and digital don’t have to be mutually exclusive

  • Physical and digital retail can co-exist and compliment

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