March 8, 2024

Who Will Be the Savior of the Creative Economy?

Who Will Be the Savior of the Creative Economy

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An apple fell on Newton’s head. While it was common for someone to have a fruit fall on their head, Newton’s reaction to the situation was anything but ordinary. He could have dismissed the entire incident or simply enjoyed the apple, appreciating the kind gesture from nature. Yet, he chose to transform this experience into a profound study that ultimately redefined humanity’s understanding of the universe.

Newton’s laws significantly altered the world’s perception at that time, leading to the rediscovery and reinterpretation of everything known. This sparked the birth of new sciences, applications, and industries that continue to evolve.

This is the essence of creative thinking and what creative industries achieve globally. When a person introduces a new idea or an innovative application, it catalyzes the emergence of new industries and economic systems, transforming life as we know it.

Who would have thought that a young man’s desire to stay updated with a girl he liked by creating a personal communication website would revolutionize global communication among families, friends, and lovers? That’s the impact of Facebook.

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