December 24, 2023

Celebrating the Year of Arab Poetry: Winter at Tantora festival begin tomorrow

Celebrating the Year of Arab Poetry

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The 2023 edition of the Winter at Tantora Festival, held in AlUla, marks a special year as it celebrates the “Year of Arab Poetry”. This fifth iteration of the festival shines a spotlight on the enchanting allure of AlUla and its unique characteristics. It’s a cultural and entertainment extravaganza for guests. It features a range of celebrations, performances, and unique experiences.

The festival’s entertainment program includes an array of global events, innovative weekend experiences, and astounding cultural activities. These events offer guests a chance to dive into music, arts, sports, and fashion. It’s all set against AlUla’s magical natural scenery.

Rami Al Mualem, Vice President of Destination Marketing and Management at the Royal Commission for AlUla, commented on the festival’s ambition. “We aim to make this edition of Winter at Tantora the best ever. Through our innovative events and unique entertainment activities, we strive to enrich the audience’s experience. They can enjoy magnificent moments in AlUla. Additionally, this year’s events focus on celebrating the ‘Year of Arab Poetry’ with carefully designed activities for this purpose,” he said.

AlUla’s Winter at Tantora Festival: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation Celebrating the Year of Arab Poetry

Al Mualem added, “Each edition of Winter at Tantora is distinguished by its surprises and immersive experiences. We always focus on blending the festival’s core elements with innovative new additions, offering our guests an unforgettable experience.”

Among the events is ‘AlUla in Arabic’, celebrating the rich heritage and history of the Arabic language. From December 21st to January 21st, guests can explore Arabic language aspects. They’ll experience its impact on art, literature, music, and society. This exploration comes through workshops, exhibitions, panels, and live performances.

The festival program also includes the ‘Poets’ Procession’ on December 21st and 22nd, 2023, in collaboration with the Saudi Ministry of Culture. This event, part of the celebration of the “Year of Arab Poetry” 2023, invites guests to delve into a vibrant and attractive poets’ parade. In this performance, the lives of 14 famous poets are vividly brought to life. It thrillingly presents poetry, appealing to all ages and tastes. The parade will showcase over 30 live artists. They’ll embody the essence of Arabic poetry in old AlUla town.

Additionally, the festival will showcase the musical ‘Jamil and Buthaina’ at Maraya on December 22nd. Zeina Emad, a talented Saudi singer, will perform the opening with an exclusive AlUla-inspired song. This song by Fahd Almsaibih celebrates Jamil and Buthaina’s love story, set in ancient AlUla.

Visitors and guests can anticipate many unique events in AlUla. These include the Tantora celebration, new terrace shows, and a candlelit concert at Hegra.

Source: Okaz

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